Keep Calm and Imagine Monsters and Men Walking the Moon with Dragons

I first opened my eyes to Indie Rock back in uni (those were the days…). I listened to a bit of it here and there over the years, with the radio prevailing whilst living in the corporate world; songs from all genres were played. When I arrived in Taiwan last year, I didn’t have access to my so-called commercial stations, so I searched for indie rock playlists, probably a few days after landing. Perhaps I was a bit slow on the uptake, but it wasn’t about seeking trends, it was about finding music for the SOUL. . . and this so happened to be it.


It’s dynamic, I love the creative names of the bands, I love the unique instruments, the lyrics. . . basically, it keeps me sane. It takes me out of the box.

I compiled a list of my favourite indie bands. Some have been around a while, others are relatively new. I don’t know enough about the bands themselves, but I appreciate their music.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Of Monsters and Men

2. Imagine Dragons

3. Passion Pit

4. The Naked and Famous

5. Bastille

6. Two Door Cinema Club

7. Walk the Moon

8. Coldwar Kids

9. The Black Keys

10. Airborne Toxic Effect

I will now fall asleep to the sound of my chill+indie playlists. And tomorrow morning it will be happy+indie. Everyday, everywhere, it has got to be indie.


3 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Imagine Monsters and Men Walking the Moon with Dragons

  1. We have very similar tastes in music! Passion pit has been a favorite of mine since high school. You should check out the Lonely Forest. Their album Arrows is pretty good.

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