It would Appear as not so Clear


I don’t know if I would call this a cove. I do know that it looked so inviting, but it’s restricted to venture further down the cliff of sorts. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous; it appears more dangerous than it seems.


I like the contrasts of the colours from the top , down. . . that grass is a vivid green.


Something as simple as the entrance to a tunnel is so intricate. . . this picture doesn’t depict the pattern clearly, because I took the image from a moving vehicle. Another thing to master would be taking photos whilst moving. Or is it taking photos of moving objects? Sports mode seems to do the trick. Clearly, I am a novice regarding that aspect!


The grass at the front is blurred, as if speeding by. Yet the trees remain as is. I think we could learn a lot from trees.


The mysterious cloak over the mountain reminds me of Table Mountain.


These ducks were passively and casually walking and chilling in the road.


There appear to be a lot of rocks or shells here, it’s not quite clear.

Location: Hualien, Taiwan


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