Peace, Love and Dinosaurs


Make something out of what you think would be nothing, like this dinosaur park.


Do art and draw hearts with colours and all sorts of things. Put it on display when you are done.


Make peace signs and smile

It is indeed true that we can learn from kids.

We could learn how to just ‘be’. Be as you are, in that moment in time, and be what you want to be the next moment in time.

Co-exist in peace; un-fragmented, unconditionally.

Run around and ride bicycles; that way you could eat all the candy you want!

Do random poses for photos and be authentic. That’s probably the word I am looking for – authenticity.

Draw whatever you want, with as many colours as you want, and believe that everybody will love it.

Cry for a few minutes if you are grumpy, then find something to laugh at. Take naps, if you can, because sleeplessness causes grumpiness.


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