Excuse Me – Where’s the Exit?

Escapism seems to be a controversial topic, and one with great relevance, considering (varying) perceptions regarding the ‘real world’. Is escapism avoidance, or is it freedom and creativity? This is where I ponder the pros and cons of escapism. From what I have read, there are various stages, but this really is a complex aspect of learning about the art of escapism. There are also many types of escapism, some with positive results, and others with negative consequences. Where do you draw the line?



A means of diversion from negative aspects in life

A window period of optimism and light

Meditative and focused

Imagination stimulation






Denial of one’s current situation


Avoidance and procrastination

This is where it is useful to draw the line between good escapism, and bad escapism. So it would be fair to say that escapism is a double-edged sword. Again, there is a line.
A few months ago, I regularly watched Phineus and Ferb as a means of diversion. Familiar with Perry?
Perry The Platypus 2
Nowadays, I bake.
I made lamingtons on Sunday. They were too sweet, but pretty edible, nonetheless. That’s the thing about a hobby – it always allows one to focus on the present moment, and in the form of escapism it is that window of light.

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