Imploding Within, Exploding Without

Exactly a year ago, I wrote the below poem. I didn’t really share it with many people; I’m weird like that with poetry. It’s interesting to look back and see what I was going through at the time, because I haven’t felt this way in so long. Full of energy – self-destructive but energetic  nonetheless. Now I’m brain foggy and it’s more of a dull mist than a cloud.

Implode Within

Wired, tired,down and out,

singing, laughing,

jumping about.

When the universe tries to mess with what’s inside

It’s better to find a retreat and hide.

When I lash back and ignore all the rules

I join the mass of ignorant fools

Who believe in the beauty of their clouds

And when that cloud absorbs the high , and gets filled to the brim,

It has no other choice but to implode within.

I wrote this piece after going through a whirlwind cycle. It was all about the resistance to going under and riding the low wave. I likened this to a cloud . I also thought about idealists, who create their own perception of reality, and I pondered this notion. I am still undecided.


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