Of Flying Ships and Talking Birds

I cannot deny how much I love Of Monsters and Men. I first heard their music when I was in Koh Chang, Thailand.


Perhaps their tunes bring about a sense of nostalgia during a simpler time in life, a nomadic and liberating time. What sold me was this music video. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend doing so – you will be drawn into a completely different world. Herewith, ‘Little Talks’.

How do they think of talking birds? How do they synchronize the movements with the music? What is that mystical creature – is it a ram? Is the girl a fairy? Absolutely mesmerizing.


3 thoughts on “Of Flying Ships and Talking Birds

  1. Thinking about a nostalgic moment in your life, is like been in a dream – and sometimes when you wake up, you want to make a change. Sometimes things happens for a reason, and sometimes you say no, and regret it a lot later.

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