Joe on a Pedestal

I met “Joe” on a balcony at a gathering in Taiwan; there was a full moon that night, it was the brightest it had ever been. The super moon. After only five minutes of talking, I was captivated. Here was this completely different person amongst a group of the usuals. Here was someone that I could really talk to.

Joe is an artist and a musician – it’s no secret that the guy is talented. He inspired me to strive for more in terms of doing things that I love, such as art and photography.  One balmy day in September, Joe invited me to chill with him and his friends at White Sand Beach. I danced to his music on Halloween.

One chilly night, I found myself sitting with him outside Seven Eleven until 7 am with a hot milk tea in hand. Facing the prospect of celebrating Christmas alone, Joe invited me to their Christmas dinner. He got me a little trinket with a silky red bow. I never felt alone when Joe was around.

Months passed; I saw him once or twice after that. Eventually I packed my suitcases and flew away; haven’t heard from him since. No more inspiration injections, no more euphoric events. It seemed our friendship had come to an end.

That part, to me, will forever remain a mystery.


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