Magic Trees

What would you do if it grew on trees. . . ?

Would you discard it or hold it and keep it and use it, taking what you need?

Would you spread it, feel it, or enrich your life with it?

Tell me, what would you do?

Could it come in a pill, a bottle of sorts? If there is no seed, or remedy. . .

I picture trees, bottles, or pills, to rid me of these ills, the things i want to change.

Make a wish, put it out there, it’ll disappear. . .

The solution to the indecision, the doubt, and any remains of misery.

The run away remedy

Crossroads have stop signs

What about  about magical trees?


I wrote this when I was in Taiwan, during a stage of indecision and utter frustration – a time when my thoughts were in overdrive. I looked everywhere for answers to my questions, but I wasn’t winning. So I just wished it was as easy as appearing in a bottle, as a pill, or in a tree. If it could just be picked from a tree. . . whatever it may be.


16 thoughts on “Magic Trees

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