Thailand – Letting me Be


We took a flight from Bangkok to Koh Chang (Trat) Airport.


Yes, this is the shuttle.


The ferry took us to the island of Koh Chang. It was dusk – the best and most beautiful time of day. It’s when the magic starts to happen, for sure. . .


I had never been to a beach that included these awesome recliners. It’s a tad touristy, but there’s good reason to be a tourist – you get to chill on the chairs pictured above – no complaints.


The sunset wasn’t bad either. Actually, the sunsets have varying degrees of stunning.


This is what I call DUSK. The sun hiding away, slowly. . .


Then came night. Dinner was on a white sand beach, trippy lights included.


Steak salad was just one of the meals of choice. The courses included pineapple and shrimp salad, coconut soup, and other such exotic feasts.  As I am not the best at food photography, only one image will have to suffice.


Back to the airport (sitting area pictured above). After days spent at the beach, as well as enticing markets, we had to head back. I didn’t capture any market moments, but if you like fairly priced products such as owl bags, things with elephants, comfortable and relaxed clothing, Buddha sculptures, etc, then go to a market. Even if it’s just once.


I don’t use this bag often, but I love the quirkiness of the design.


I didn’t get many good shots of Koh San Road, but I quite liked the tree lights; we sat underneath these at a ‘roadside cafe’. I don’t think I could explain Koh San Road – I was there for only a few hours. What I can say is that the general area is utter madness – a balanced madness. Good and bad – if that makes sense.

I wanted to focus on all of the favorable aspects of my experience in Thailand, because there is enough bad news out there. To be honest, I am actually quite tired of it. Not every aspect of Thailand was ideal. . . but I chose to share the positive part of my experience this time around. The best thing about Thailand was the permission to ‘be’.

The soundtrack for this experience:


6 thoughts on “Thailand – Letting me Be

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  4. Wow! I didn’t get to see this part of Thailand but the beach is incredeible. I was mostly in Changwat Chon Buri and Bangkok but these pictures are amazing. I was in a lot of markets over there where I would call them the “Thai Taco Stands” and the food is amazing. I mostly ate noodles, soups and a lot of chicken with rice but it is very interesting they put the “fast food” in plastic bags yet clean and tasty.Great post!!

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