About Me

I am an aspiring writer and a restless wanderer, navigating my way through the notoriously volatile late twenties stage of life. I embarked on an eighteen-month  journey to Taiwan, in order to teach English and to travel.  Now that I have returned home to South Africa, my focus in terms of my writing has changed, although I still get nostalgic about my time overseas, therefore I like to reminisce and share my travel stories.

I enjoy art and I am fascinated by illustration, although I am still somewhat of a ‘rookie’ when it comes to drawing. I love photography, and I aim to master my techniques with time. I have been writing poetry since the age of 13, so I consider myself a ‘seasoned’ poet, for want of a better term.

My passion for travel will never cease, and I believe I am not yet done. Random occurrences manifest from winging it. Sometimes I wing it and fail; other times I wing it,  and hopefully, win.


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12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you so much for subbing and enjoying my art/poetry. I love the fact that you have traveled freely and had amazing opportunities. I’ve recently been to Asia also but I was in Thailand. I’m Mexican/Russian but i have small eyes, which is common amongst indigenous Latin Americans, and I was extremely surprised at how many people thought I was either Thai or Taiwanese. Some also thought Malaysian, Filipino or Malaysian but people mostly said I was Thai or Taiwanese. Long story short, what is the most common skin color of Taiwan? I’m very intrigued. Also, did you travel all over Taiwan?

    Tanya (:

    • Hey Tanya, thanks for stopping by! Re the skin colour. . . there are varying complexions – very light to ‘olive’ – not sure how to explain. Maybe you’d get a better idea from some of the pics I’m planning on posting. Take it as a compliment – Taiwanese and Thai are known to be rather attractive! I did travel around Taiwan – not nearly as much as anticipated though. . . I missed out on some amazing locations such as Sun Moon Lake, Green Island, etc. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

      • Thank you! I’m also looking forward to your future posts. (: I love the way you photograph all your pictures! As I was looking at older pics you were a good photographer but now you’re amazing! Did you study photography or any type of art?

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