Keep it Pleasant

I don’t intend on placing unnecessary pressure on myself with a list of insane resolutions for the new year. So I’m making it easier this time, by acknowledging a few things I find to be agreeable with me.

First things first – meditation

meditating girl

Secondly, patience and a chilled attitude are required, drawing inspiration from the Praying Mantis, which symbolises the 3 tenets in the speech bubble. I got a real close-up of this guy.

Chilled praying mantis

Meditation is not an easy thing to do  – for those with a noisy mind. I know this. Sometimes I leave the centre feeling odd, out of sorts. But I hope to make it habitual.

Get better at making cupcakes.


The last time I attempted they were a dismal failure. The icing was of a ‘crumby’ consistency. None of that fancy, swirly, glittery stuff. And the actual cake was DRY. . . Why did I fail? Lack of patience, hence the meditation. I just want to get to the end-product. If millions of others are capable of making successful and pretty batches of cupcakes, then so am I. And I intend to make them extraordinary. Pictures to follow in the new year. (I need to practise in the holidays)!

More photos need to be taken. . .  just look to the sky, literally . . . take photos of THIS.


As a result, more road trips would be in order – this image was taken outside of town. Just keeping it pleasant.