An abandoned island or dilapidated house

Maybe a continuum between the two

There’s shelter, I suppose

Did I choose from the inside, or universe, was it you?


The next time I want to find a way out,

I’ll consider the power of choice

Is there a price or pay-off?

Well, that won’t always be the case. . .

The universe moves at it’s own universe pace


Choose to be free

And put out those good vibes

We’ll sprinkle ourselves with fairy dust

How about I think of kittens and fluffy clouds?

Paint the picture of where I want to be

I’ll be the owner of the house or the mermaid in the sea


It’s on display before your eyes

Is it an opportunity in disguise?

Forget about the others, they don’t always care

Therefore it’s always your choice,

It can be a dream or another nightmare.


Dizzy in Flight

What appeals to me most about flying is the notion of fresh air, space, and freedom of movement. I decided to go paragliding whilst overseas in order to get closer to the wild blue yonder.


As it is a tandem flight (rather high above the ground) you obviously can’t just jump off the cliff without direction and detailed instructions.

The rules, according to Paul, the paragliding instructor:

You have to run off the cliff; you cannot jump. Cooperate with the wind and the parachute. Keep running, even when your feet are no longer on the ground.


You must not look back though; that would be dangerous. Never look back. You always have to look forward, straight ahead of you. Focus on the horizon.

When you are in flight, you may feel dizzy. If you look at the ground below you, there is a possibility of motion sickness. If are prone to motion sickness, you shouldn’t keep looking at all the treetops swirling around. So don’t look down because the detail will make you dizzy.The scenery was amazing, and being carried by the wind was mindblowing, however, I only lasted a few minutes in the air when the vertigo kicked in.

I looked down one too many times.

Pictures taken in Pingtung County, Taiwan