Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

This week’s photo challenge is ‘on the move’.  I chose a few images for my version. Enjoy 🙂


Road tripping in Hualien

Road tripping in Hualien




Kaohsiung at night

Kaohsiung at night



Bangkok Traffic


Cars on the mountain pass, Taroko Gorge


Taxi, Johannesburg

Taxi, Johannesburg




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s photo challenge is about reflections, in the figurative and literal sense of the word. I took these images at a local dam on a winter’s day in Johannesburg, during a time of deep contemplation. The water was completely still, allowing for a magnificently vivid shot.

I strive to be in this state, no matter how turbulent my thoughts are. An accurate perception of reality comes from a place of calm.





Joburg and the Sky of Diamonds

We celebrated Chinese New Year at a street party in Johannesburg. Hoards of people showed up for the fireworks, including the crew I went with. Only difference is, they brought their cameras, and I was too nervous to bring mine. I hadn’t been to town in so long, that I was feeling somewhat paranoid. In hindsight, it was silly of me. Nevertheless, I decided to capture the display on my phone. Now, these pics aren’t exactly as spectacular as my friends’ images (they brought their fancy cameras), but I reckon some of them came out quite nicely.

20140201_202229 20140201_193512   20140201_21020220140201_21021020140201_19483120140201_210833


Call it Paranoid

It’s the car behind me

Or the one on the right

It could be the man at the traffic light

Slow down, speed up, go home

Who’s that?

Don’t stop here and don’t go there

In fact, do not go anywhere

Lock that door; accelerate

You don’t have time to hesitate

Fear personified

Paranoia amplified

Every time I drive at night.


I have never quite been able to express my anxiety when it comes to driving in Johannesburg, at night. I know it’s not within reason, and people can call this behavior crazy, or delusional. I call it paranoid.