Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s photo challenge is about reflections, in the figurative and literal sense of the word. I took these images at a local dam on a winter’s day in Johannesburg, during a time of deep contemplation. The water was completely still, allowing for a magnificently vivid shot.

I strive to be in this state, no matter how turbulent my thoughts are. An accurate perception of reality comes from a place of calm.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Hue of you



For the weekly photo challenge, I chose these images that I took in January. In the first shot, the shades of the flowers are luminous, brilliant, perhaps vivid. When I am at my best, I would liken my perception to have a tinge of brightness and colour. It’s as if everyday is a Friday, and I feel radiant with a positive energy.

In the second shot, the flowers are grey, dull, lifeless. When depressed, my perception¬†is warped, jaded. It’s as if all colour has been stripped from reality. Nothing has colour, and everything is grey. And it is an overbearing, lucid, vivid grey. It’s as if every moment is a Monday morning.