Joburg and the Sky of Diamonds

We celebrated Chinese New Year at a street party in Johannesburg. Hoards of people showed up for the fireworks, including the crew I went with. Only difference is, they brought their cameras, and I was too nervous to bring mine. I hadn’t been to town in so long, that I was feeling somewhat paranoid. In hindsight, it was silly of me. Nevertheless, I decided to capture the display on my phone. Now, these pics aren’t exactly as spectacular as my friends’ images (they brought their fancy cameras), but I reckon some of them came out quite nicely.

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Keep it Pleasant

I don’t intend on placing unnecessary pressure on myself with a list of insane resolutions for the new year. So I’m making it easier this time, by acknowledging a few things I find to be agreeable with me.

First things first – meditation

meditating girl

Secondly, patience and a chilled attitude are required, drawing inspiration from the Praying Mantis, which symbolises the 3 tenets in the speech bubble. I got a real close-up of this guy.

Chilled praying mantis

Meditation is not an easy thing to do  – for those with a noisy mind. I know this. Sometimes I leave the centre feeling odd, out of sorts. But I hope to make it habitual.

Get better at making cupcakes.


The last time I attempted they were a dismal failure. The icing was of a ‘crumby’ consistency. None of that fancy, swirly, glittery stuff. And the actual cake was DRY. . . Why did I fail? Lack of patience, hence the meditation. I just want to get to the end-product. If millions of others are capable of making successful and pretty batches of cupcakes, then so am I. And I intend to make them extraordinary. Pictures to follow in the new year. (I need to practise in the holidays)!

More photos need to be taken. . .  just look to the sky, literally . . . take photos of THIS.


As a result, more road trips would be in order – this image was taken outside of town. Just keeping it pleasant.

Thailand – Letting me Be


We took a flight from Bangkok to Koh Chang (Trat) Airport.


Yes, this is the shuttle.


The ferry took us to the island of Koh Chang. It was dusk – the best and most beautiful time of day. It’s when the magic starts to happen, for sure. . .


I had never been to a beach that included these awesome recliners. It’s a tad touristy, but there’s good reason to be a tourist – you get to chill on the chairs pictured above – no complaints.


The sunset wasn’t bad either. Actually, the sunsets have varying degrees of stunning.


This is what I call DUSK. The sun hiding away, slowly. . .


Then came night. Dinner was on a white sand beach, trippy lights included.


Steak salad was just one of the meals of choice. The courses included pineapple and shrimp salad, coconut soup, and other such exotic feasts.  As I am not the best at food photography, only one image will have to suffice.


Back to the airport (sitting area pictured above). After days spent at the beach, as well as enticing markets, we had to head back. I didn’t capture any market moments, but if you like fairly priced products such as owl bags, things with elephants, comfortable and relaxed clothing, Buddha sculptures, etc, then go to a market. Even if it’s just once.


I don’t use this bag often, but I love the quirkiness of the design.


I didn’t get many good shots of Koh San Road, but I quite liked the tree lights; we sat underneath these at a ‘roadside cafe’. I don’t think I could explain Koh San Road – I was there for only a few hours. What I can say is that the general area is utter madness – a balanced madness. Good and bad – if that makes sense.

I wanted to focus on all of the favorable aspects of my experience in Thailand, because there is enough bad news out there. To be honest, I am actually quite tired of it. Not every aspect of Thailand was ideal. . . but I chose to share the positive part of my experience this time around. The best thing about Thailand was the permission to ‘be’.

The soundtrack for this experience:

Nordic Mania

For the past six months or so, I have been thinking about Iceland. I don’t even remember where this Icelandic wanderlust came from. Perhaps I was reading a travel site with beautifully breathtakingly magnificent gorgeous pictures of Iceland. It certainly looks like a photographer’s dream. It’s the kind of place that makes me want to take photos, whilst there.

The flights are generally pretty long, so one would need to go for 3 weeks I would assume. Well, hopefully when I go on leave next year sometime. . . year-endish. . . If I save! These pictures I found on Wikipedia and 123RF have helped to shape my imagination regarding the Icelandic landscape and scenery.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights. . .


. . . Hot Springs


Hues of blue ice bergs at Jökulsárlón

Puffin_Latrabjarg_Iceland Atlantic puffin

Icelandic Puffin


Icelandic Horses

And reportedly there’s some good Indie music.

It would Appear as not so Clear


I don’t know if I would call this a cove. I do know that it looked so inviting, but it’s restricted to venture further down the cliff of sorts. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous; it appears more dangerous than it seems.


I like the contrasts of the colours from the top , down. . . that grass is a vivid green.


Something as simple as the entrance to a tunnel is so intricate. . . this picture doesn’t depict the pattern clearly, because I took the image from a moving vehicle. Another thing to master would be taking photos whilst moving. Or is it taking photos of moving objects? Sports mode seems to do the trick. Clearly, I am a novice regarding that aspect!


The grass at the front is blurred, as if speeding by. Yet the trees remain as is. I think we could learn a lot from trees.


The mysterious cloak over the mountain reminds me of Table Mountain.


These ducks were passively and casually walking and chilling in the road.


There appear to be a lot of rocks or shells here, it’s not quite clear.

Location: Hualien, Taiwan