Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

This week’s photo challenge is ‘on the move’. ¬†I chose a few images for my version. Enjoy ūüôā


Road tripping in Hualien

Road tripping in Hualien




Kaohsiung at night

Kaohsiung at night



Bangkok Traffic


Cars on the mountain pass, Taroko Gorge


Taxi, Johannesburg

Taxi, Johannesburg




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s photo challenge is about reflections, in the figurative and literal sense of the word. I took these images at a local dam on a winter’s day in Johannesburg, during a time of deep contemplation. The water was completely still, allowing for a magnificently vivid shot.

I strive to be in this state, no matter how turbulent my thoughts are. An accurate perception of reality comes from a place of calm.





Daily Prompt: Home

I had a nightmare

And in this realm

I didn’t have a home

Searching, looking . . . for that home

And the fear

En route to nowhere

Engulfed me

But what if in that moment, I could escape from the outside?

Be present, be still

Home is a moment

And when awake

Home is tangible, supposedly comfortable

Where we like nice things

That we . . . need?

Always something to compare

Are you, or am I,  ever really there?


Joburg and the Sky of Diamonds

We celebrated Chinese New Year at a street party in Johannesburg. Hoards of people showed up for the fireworks, including the crew I went with. Only difference is, they brought their cameras, and I was too nervous to bring mine. I hadn’t been to town in so long, that I was feeling somewhat paranoid. In hindsight, it was silly of me. Nevertheless, I decided to capture the display on my phone. Now, these pics aren’t exactly as spectacular as my friends’ images (they brought their fancy cameras), but I reckon some of them came out quite nicely.

20140201_202229 20140201_193512   20140201_21020220140201_21021020140201_19483120140201_210833



An abandoned island or dilapidated house

Maybe a continuum between the two

There’s shelter, I suppose

Did I choose from the inside, or universe, was it you?


The next time I want to find a way out,

I’ll consider the power of choice

Is there a price or pay-off?

Well, that won’t always be the case. . .

The universe moves at it’s own universe pace


Choose to be free

And put out those good vibes

We’ll sprinkle ourselves with fairy dust

How about I think of kittens and fluffy clouds?

Paint the picture of where I want to be

I’ll be the owner of the house or the mermaid in the sea


It’s on display before your eyes

Is it an opportunity in disguise?

Forget about the others, they don’t always care

Therefore it’s always your choice,

It can be a dream or another nightmare.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

These images were taken just before sunset in Magaliesburg, South Africa. This is my favourite time to take pictures, when the light adds a golden glow to everything it touches. From my vantage point, only trees and mountains could be seen outside. Not a building or shadow in sight.





Daily Prompt: Moment of Clarity

Latent realizations

Brought to the fore

Mess of the mind

Creating the awe

The moment to catch the time

That has run away

Dissolved and blurred

With the music changing

Yet still happy inside

Creating fear

By the hindsight and irony

Dotted all over the place. . .

Craving time, craving space

Use the time that’s mine

Vivid thoughts I recall in awe

Perhaps a wake up call

Creating virtue

Claims back the time.




Keep it Pleasant

I don’t intend on placing unnecessary pressure on myself with a list of insane resolutions for the new year. So I’m¬†making it¬†easier this time, by acknowledging a few things I find to be agreeable with me.

First things first – meditation

meditating girl

Secondly, patience and a chilled attitude are required, drawing inspiration from the Praying Mantis, which symbolises the 3 tenets in the speech bubble. I got a real close-up of this guy.

Chilled praying mantis

Meditation is not an easy thing to do  Рfor those with a noisy mind. I know this. Sometimes I leave the centre feeling odd, out of sorts. But I hope to make it habitual.

Get better at making cupcakes.


The last time I attempted they were a dismal failure. The icing was of a ‘crumby’ consistency. None of that fancy, swirly, glittery stuff. And the actual cake was DRY. . . Why did I fail? Lack of patience, hence the meditation. I just want to get to the end-product. If millions of others are capable of making successful and pretty batches of cupcakes, then so am I. And I intend to make them extraordinary. Pictures to follow in the new year. (I need to practise in the holidays)!

More photos need to be taken. . .  just look to the sky, literally . . . take photos of THIS.


As a result, more road trips would be in order –¬†this image was taken outside of town.¬†Just keeping it pleasant.